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You want to make your driver's license? Perhaps you have already "secretly" dashed around with the car from father/mother/brother/sister/friend. Always in the circle, mostly only in the first or second gear. Have you learned to park?

Now except that you don't immediately stall the engine in the first driving lesson. The rest is of no use for you. Because you learn the purely manual or technical control of a vehicle relatively quickly. Something else is coping with the daily traffic. Do you drive circumspectly? Are your reactions good? Do you know about the extensive set of rules?

Driving a car is primarily routine. In which the finicky ones survive. But as these attain routine and safety, if one may not drive at all yet? Or every practical driving lesson with the driving instructor costs a heap of money? Have you therefore bought this program for yourself? A wise decision! Because you can rush at the traffic turmoil completely relaxed here. And, if you cause a damage to the car, our virtual insurance assumes the full liability.

To make getting in easier, we have written this manual. Have fun with studying!

 Quick reference