Europe Edition

The 3D Driving-School gives you the possibility of practicing driving a car in 3D cities virtually. You "sit" in the car cockpit, "go" through the simulated world in real time. There you must observe all traffic regulations of course.

According to instruction of the virtual driving instructor you go specific problem situations as learner driver. Pay attention to everything which is important also in case of the "real" exercise journey: the right speed, signalling and braking, the look into the mirror or over your shoulder, attention of the signs etc. Navigation is carried out via keyboard and mouse or optional over steering wheel. After ending an exercise round there is a list, which faults you have made. Statistics give information about the individual weaknesses that you can exercise them specifically.

If you have trained well enough of the exercise journeys, you also can go through a driver's examination.

The Europe edition offers you the choice of under three different exercise routes in the version on hand.

a) Practical experience with different traffic situations to attainment the national driver's license:

b) After 14 exercises you can already pass your national driving test. Furthermore you also have the possibility of expanding your training into other European countries: c) Police patrol game: Scene of the crime Ghent