Quick reference

1. Menu control
ESC Toggle the menu.
You can choose here under different scenes, vehicles and driving instructors. Pressing ESC once more changes back to the driving exercise.
F1 Option menu
You can set a higher screen resolution here.The driving commands of the keyboard can be changed or a steering wheel activated.

You reach the menu in the programme about the button ESC anytime.

At first you register yourself under „Registration“ with the 3D Driving-School. You enter your name there and choose from one of three difficulty levels. After that the driving exercises are gone through. You can select these in an arbitrary order in the area of „driving exercise “. A „training course “ is at your disposal in addition there. If you have passed all driving exercises well, then you are qualified for the „examination“.

2. Driving
F You press the button  F  at the beginning of an exercise to change from park- to driving-mode
R Reverse driving
P Parking brake
left/right arrow Steering to the right or to the left using the cursor arrow keys
arrow up Accelerating with the gas pedal.
The gears will be switched up and down automatically.
arrow down Braking.
The brake works like in the calculations to the braking distance of the driving school literature. "Speed by 10 to the square" is adjusted. During rain, the braking distance prolongs itself in addition! If you like to brake more strongly, you simply switch on your anti-lock braking system (ABS).
End Full brake
Return (Enter) Repeat last driving instruction. Additionally it shows the junctions crossed since the last driving instructor announcement.
Pause Stop the 3D animation until the Pause-key will be pressed again
Backspace Horn
3. View
Blank Mirror on/off. Turns interior mirror, outside mirror off.
The mirrors are dazzled away automatically after some seconds.
Shift + left arrow Look over your left shoulder to check the blind spot
Shift + right arrow Right shoulder check
Pg down + arrows Circumferential visibility
Del Look to behind
F7 Toggle cockpit view inside (first person) to outside (third person) and vice versa
L Lights on/off
W Windscreen-wiper on/off
4. Signalling (flashing)
Strg Left signalling
Alt Right signalling
4. Navigation-system
F2 Toggle navigation system on/off. Displaying reports as text
F3 Helicopter view (only gwhen the left HELI button comes on whitely)
F4 Switch maps for all towns on/off.
S Siren on/off. The siren can be switched on only at a police operation (game in the Europe edition), though. With a siren switched on almost no failure points are registered.