In this chapter we want to give you a short summary of the programme operation of the 3D driving school. You can start directly with the virtual driving course after reading of this chapter.

Like in a real car, you see the cockpit of your driving school car in the middle. Left you find the speedometer and besides this the rev counter on the right.

At the bottom edges of the screen this further information displayed:


The failure points accumulated in this driving exercise. Up to 6 points per driving exercise are permitted to pass a driving exercise.



The number of hint-points of the driving instructor. These are the little faults which an driving-inspector still permits(it shouldn't be too many, however).



If you approach a crossroads , then the current traffic-rule is shown to you here. Crossing slowly the stop line, this display begins to flash. The colour of the display is inportant. Blue means that you can drive. Red means that you must stop and wait. At the driving test, of course this display is turned off.



The exact speed is shown to you in kilometre per hour, km/h, here. It is the same as on the speedo needle of the cockpit. If you drive in England, then this display changes to "Miles by hour" (mph). However, the speedometer still remains on "km/h" since you haven't changed your vehicle.



Although the car has automatic transmissions, the actual gear is shown to you here.. „-1“ means „reerse gear“. Next to the speed display the positionof the automatic transmission appears:

D = „Drive“,
R = „Reverse“
N = „Neutral“,
P = Parking position

You usually start a driving exercise in the park mode. Change then into the driving mode pressing the button  F . Don't forget to carry out the usual traffic observations: Interior-/outside mirror, signalling and then shoulder check!


Speed limit:

The left number (besides driving mode) shows you the permissible maximum speed-limit. This display is turned off during examination.

Red numbers indicate the current speed limit.

A white/blue display indicates a recommended speed: means "no speed limit", 130 km/h should, however, be kept as recommended speed