Mouse control 

A click with the right mouse button switches on the mouse control.

A three-dimensional mouse arrow appears in your cockpit. This arrow has the following functionality pressing the left mouse button:

[mouse up]

Drive forwards (direct speed.)

[mouse right]

Steering to the right

[mouse left]

Steering to the left

[mouse down] Slowing down or braking

The mouse movements have a simultaneous effect on direction and speed in the upper screen area. The direction is delayedly and at the same time changed in the lower screen area.

To adjust the interior- and outside mirrors, move the mouse into the picture centre right above. A small mirror symbol will appear.

Adjust the mirror now by moving the mouse into the desired position. The mouse arrow changes to grey:

The adjustings of the mirrors are stored per registered driver. If you select another learner driver at the registration, you must adjust the mirrors once more.