Steering wheel and Joystick 

To use a steering wheel (or a joy-stick) you must activate them at  joystick-options. Adjusting might be a necessary option too. After that you can use steering wheel and keyboard. The constant gas of the driving simulator is deactivated at driving with the steering wheel. This means that your vehicle gets slower and slower activity of the accelerator pedal. Therefore always give a little gas during driving with the steering wheel.

The following adjustings apply to a steering wheel in addition to the keyboard:


Drive forwards (direct speed)

Brake pedal Braking, depending on how far the brake pedal is pushed. Pushing completely down corresponds to an emergency stop.
steer to the right Steering to the right
Steer to the left Steering to the left

We have adjusted the steering behaviour of your steering wheel to a default. If you liked to carry out customizations here, you can adjust the regulator "steering" in  tab-panel driving options. Steering reacts then more or less.
Button 1 Interior mirror - outside mirror- mirror switched off
Button 2 left schoulder-check
Button 3 left signalling
Button 4 Switchover driving "F" or backwards "R".
If the manual gearshift has been selected, automatic system mode will be activated again when pushing the button.
Button 5 right schoulder-check
Button 6 right signalling
Button 7 Manual gearshift: one gear up
Button 8 Manual gearshift: one gear down

For a joy-stick analogous:

Joy-stick to the front

Drive forwards (direct speed)

Joy-stick to the bach Braking, depending on how far the stick is drawn to behind. Pushing to behind completely corresponds to an emergency stop.
Joystick to the right Steering to the right
Joystick to the left Steering to the left
Buttons 1-8 see at the "steering wheel" above.

These buttons can be configured freely. All other functions must be used at the keyboard.

Joy-stick and steering wheel can be operated also in parallel since the version 4.0. The active input device is the one with  gamecontroller-number #1 oder #2 in Windows.

You can assign up to 10 steering wheel buttons at the  joystick-options. The 3D Driving-School supports up to 10 steering wheel/joy-stick buttons, no matter which steering wheel number you have selected. Both input devices are active. These means at most 20 buttons are available. By the way, this assignment works also for the functions of all other  keyboard adjustings even if these aren't listed here (e.g. the horn).