Registration menu  

You reach the menu over the button ESC any time.
At first you register yourself under "Registration" with the 3D Driving-School. You enter your name there and choose from one of three difficulty levels. According to that the driving exercises are gone through. You can select the exercises in an arbitrary order in the area of „exercises“". A „training ground“ is at your disposal in addition there. If you have passed all driving exercises well, then you will be qualified for the „examination“.

The „options“ permit you the change of keyboard assignments and activating of a steering wheel . You can in addition modify some programme adjustings there.


The most important states are always displayed in the lower status line:

1. field
This is the login name under which all points and adjustings are stored.
Directly after programme start the licensee is here displayed in red for a short time.
2. field

An identification of the driver's licences already attained. Depending on the vehicle, after passing a driving test the attained driving licence classes are shown.

  Examination with a car License Class B and Class S
  Examination with a quad License Class S
  Examination with a motor-bike License Class A and Class A1
  Examination with a moped License Class A1
3. field
Indication of the chosen difficulty level.
4. field
a) during the driving school:

Number of driving exercises passed in the step "expert" as well as the total number of the selected driving exercise-set. This number varies depending the route-choice and the vehicle-type.

b) during the game:

You change to the game mode in the registering menu. Then your current score is shown in the status line (e.g. " 450 P " means four hundred and fifty points ):

The main screen in the game is modified slightly:

Instead of the driving exercise start you branch to the game start. With the original examination tab-panel you can store your scores now. A highscore-panel is led at the exit side now.