In the Europe Edition, the choice is at your disposal between eleven different cockpits and vehicles.

At the choice of the quads no motorway drives are offered since the quad isn't allowed for this, though.

Some cockpits can rebuild from left-hand drive vehicle (England) to a right-hand drive vehicle (Europe mainland). If you choose for example the "Toyota RAV4 Jeep ", a "-> right"-button is displayed in the window on the right. Pressing this button changes the steering wheel position from left to right (and back again pressing the button a second time):

For the police game you should select vehicles from one of the following list since only these have a siren:

  1. Toyota Avensis Verso
    The classic Belgian patrol car from Ghent.
  2. one of the civil cars
    All civilian vehicles have a mobile flashing blue light.
  3. BMW R850RT
    The police motorcycle usually sold worldwide. The fastest vehicle in the set.
Unfortunately, all other motorcycles and quads don't have any siren.