Chasing Ghent (Gent) 

Standing on the "other side": You may drive through Ghent police patrol. In 15 crime-scenes you can chase different escaping vehicles through Ghent.

This is the way to activate then gaming mode of 3D Driving-School:
In tab-panel Registration/Routeset, the menus change by selecting "playing". By pushing the Enter-key you get the initial page for the game as shown below.

This is the survey of all duties. If you finished a duty successfully, the corresponding short text is displayed green, otherwise red.

At first collect bonus points for good driving. Having the navigation system switched on ( F2-key ) you can establish contact with our police helicopter. Follow his order to go into action to stop the perpetrators (F2 key).


Depending on chosen difficulty level (Rookie-Beginner-Expert) the game gets heavier and heavier. The higher the level is, ...

Start as "Beginner" until you master the navigation system and you know the city of Ghent.