Navigation system (GPS)

This is a description of your navigation system.

The following unctions are always accessible (in gaming mode you will need enough points, though):
Toggling the navigation system with the F2 key, switching the map on/off of with the F4 key, helicam with F3 key.

1. Compass
Gyroscopic compass This one is always switched on and shows to which direction you go. Your driving direction always points up.

Starting a chase or after pressing the F3 key the needle will poins in the direction of the getaway vehicle. With a lower distance to the vehicle the needle of grey will change colour about blue to red.

If the helicopter loses the track, at first this needle will rotate. Either the helicopter finds the vehicle again or not. In the latter case the needle will disappear and you will only get the last direction of the traffic of the pursued vehicle as an info message. It seems to be advisable to drive into this direction at first.

This is the way you will get the needle displayed again:
Wait until the " HELI " -Button gets white again. Then the helicopter has the vehicle on track again. You also hear the helicopter sound. If you press the F3 key once more, the needle will be active again and you will see the vehicle from the helicam. The needle remains active as long as the helicopter sees the vehicle. You can toggle between information text (F2-key) and map (F4-key) without losing points.

2. Headlines
Position: Passing a public place or a sight, its name will be displayed here. These places are recognized for all towns in the 3D Driving-School.
Site: The title of a chase, same as in the status panel.
Target: If the helicopter locates to the escape vehicle, its location will be displayed here. If you know Ghent well, then you can navgiate there without needle.
Points This is this score display. It is also shown in the lower left corner of your cockpit.
Clock In a chase you have 10 minutes time to accomplish the mission. The residual time in minutes and seconds is counted here. Below a minute the watch beeps in addition.
3. Buttons

This field is highlighted when you are in police operation (a "mission"). Then the flashing blue light is blinking, too and you may switch on the siren.

A mission starts only when you have the navigation system visibly. If the navigation system had been turned off for a longer time, the mission would start after 10 seconds when using the navigation system again.

Police operations are started randomly after pausing some minutes. In that time you always may collect bonus points for good driving.


If the helicopter has eye contact to an escape vehicle, the HELI field is displayed whitely. Only then you can press the F3 key and activate helicam as well as compass needle. This costs 40 points which you must have at least, though.


If the map is activated with the F4 key, "MAP" will be displayed whitely. Being in map mode you only see the bottom line of text written currently into the blue information panel (read the complete text with F2).

In the map your own position and driving direction is marked as a white/blue arrow-icon. An escape vehicle is represented as white/red arrow. Two escape vehicles are shown as number-icons "1" and "2" in white/red as well.

The navigation system-maps can be used also during the driving school for all towns, the country-road, and the motorways. During a chase you need at least 20 points for it, though.


Switching on the siren by pressing the S key. This is only possible when you are doing a chase and you have sufficient points (10 points at least).

After switching on the siren it wil lflash for some seconds. At this time everyone can hear your sieren but you still can make driving errors! You will get "invulnerable" if the display stops blinking whitely. The reason behind this is that the other road users will adapt their behaviour only after a certain reaction time. This is an example for "behaviour adaption": If you apporach traffic lights with siren, the other vehicles won't drive further although they already have a green signal. All road-users must then immediately free the road and giving way.

You become a priority vehicle having your siren and the flashing blue light switched on. Then you can make driving errors, ignore red traffic lights and drive contrary to one-way streets. But do it carefully!

Since the centre of Ghent is traffic-calmed, you can enter the city by car only with siren. And you may drive fast or very fast through the town! Of course accidents still cost points.

At siren switched on the getaway car will hear you much earlier.

Please find a detailed use description in the section of Game instructions.