Game instructions

You will be dropped in the middle of historical Ghent, in Belgium. Your patrol car parks on a public place in front of the castle Gravensteen:

Instead of 3D Driving-School mistakes your gameing score is displayed on the screen. You start with 200 points. For good driving you will get plus points. If you make driving errors you will get minus pints. At the first start the navigation system is displayed automatically. It shows you a short description for the different new functions on the blue information panel. Using one of these functions costs a couple of points, though.

Game preparation:
Your start score varies you have a valid driving licence for the selected vehicle-class or not.

If you start without driver's licence, you should collect points first. Drive through Ghent and get to know the town. If you pass public places, their name is displayed in the topmost line of the navigation system. To find the escaping vehicle later, it is helpful, if you have got to know the town to some extent (don't worry: You always have your map with you). Turning right or left without faults (interior mirror - signal indicator - shoulder check) you will get 10 points every time. You can collect at most 500 points for good driving.

If the navigation system (GPS) has been opened, the first chase will happen after a couple of minutes. If you prefer to collect points still further, simply turn the navi off. With the F2 key you can toggle the navigation system at any time. So, drive patrol at first. Attention: if you stop (to wai for a chase) this will cost you 10 points each minute. Your vehicle has to move always. Now get familiar with your navigation system that you are prepared for your first chase.

The right choice of the vehicle is important. In principle you can go by every vehicle on chase, a siren has only the BMW motorcycle and the cars, though:

1. BMW R850RT
The most high-speed vehicle of your fleet. By the way this is worldwide the by far most popular police motorcycle with a quantity of more than 45.000.
2. Toyota RAV4 Jeep
The second most high-speed vehicle which you have. It is a civilian vehicle with a mobile flashing blue light.
3. Toyota Avensis Verso
Many police organizations use this model as a patrol car. This is the today's version of the Belgian police from Ghent.
4. Smart, BMW318, Jeep
The cars from the driving school education, slightly throttled and with a mobile siren. If you start with then, you get a flashing blue light on the roof or the bonnet.
5. alle andere Motorräder und Quads
Without flashing blue light and siren unfortunately. It gets very difficult for you with that to go on chase, since the fleeing vehicles don't keep themselves to the traffic regulations.

Acceleration "of 0 on 100" and maximum speed were based on the original at the first three vehicles. The other vehicles have slightly throttled for the driving school (you can still tune them in Options-menu). The navigation system is available at all vehicles. It is also usable in all other towns of 3D Driving-School.

Game operations:
Our helicopter will contact you as a "patrol 101" by navigation system text. At important messages out of the helicopter you will also hear its rotor-sound. The hunting is carried out in the following phases:

1. Description of the scene of the crime  

A radio message comes in printed on your navigation system. Your partner is sitting in the police helicopter. You hear its rotor-sound. The head office briefly describes what has happened and detail the location of the crime to you.

Orientate yourself first: Whenever you are nearby a sight your position as text becomes reported in the head section of the navigation system under "Position:" .

The second line in the head section refers the title of the chase, here now "Site: Bank robbery". You may find this titel in the game menu highlighted as well (ESC-key).

2. Locating the getaway car  

Fist the navigation system fades to the scene of the crime automatically. Here this is the "Vrijdagsmarkt".

Below the point display a watch which runs down. You have 10 minutes time to hunt and to stop the escaping vehicle.

In the lower section of the camera you can read the last line from the blue information screen of your navigation system: you will get 250 points if you stop the vehicle. According to remaining minutes at the end, an additional time bonus can be obtained when you manage stopping the vehicle without ramming

In the last chase you must hunt 2 vehicles at the same time. This brings 500 points at a successful chase for you.

3. Following by helicopters  

Hunting starts. The "CHASE"-button is displayed whitely. The flashing blue light goes on automatically.

Only if the flashing blue light is on, you can add the siren hitting the S key. Operating with siren and flashing blue light you will get special driving privileges. So you also may drive (with a corresponding caution) contrary to one-way streets and over red traffic lights without losing points.

But where is the suspect?

Your partner is briefing you with interesting information:

  • The helicopter has a camera (so-called "helicam") and pursues the getaway car with that.
  • At "Target:" the current position of the getway car is displayed provided that he crosses a public place. In the picture above the red Audi is just at the Kouter ("Kouter" is a famous square with a flower and bird market near Koninklijke Opera).
  • At the beginning you get type and colour of the vehicle as well as its heading-direction (here a red Audi hitting east).
  • The speed and distance to you are displayed, but the escaping car is a good piece away.
  • A compass needle on the left over the circling compassalways points into the direction of the getaway car as long as it is seen by the helicopter. The compass needle changes colour from grey about blue to red. The lower your distance to the getaway car is the more intensive will be the colouring of the needle.
  • When the helicopter sees the getway car, the "HELI"-button is always highlighted. You can activate compass needle and helicam with the F3 key any time. The compass needle remains active even if you switch off the helicam, e.g. looking into the map with F4-key. Sometimes the helicopter loses the locating, though and the needle will disappear.
4. Police operation  

Search for the vehicle! To have a good orientation we recommend displaying the map with the F4 key. If the escape vehicle is in the map-area, its position and direction as a red arrow is displayed.

The red Audi is in the right picture on the left of us. We go to the south at the moment and must orientate ourselves slightly to the east.

The Audi will behave unobtrusively. He will observe the traffic regulations like the other road users. As soon as he notices you, he accelerates and flees. He runs much too fast, crosses zebra crossings, even makes U-Turns and drives against one-way streets. You must manoeuvre and try to block his way.

How does the Audi notice me?

  1. he sees me directly (free beeline).
  2. he hears me because my siren is on.

At siren switched on, the vehicle will notice us earlier; he will try to flee immediately. This goes as long as he still hears us. After that he drives on normally again. The use of the siren must therefore be considered carefully.

by the way, playing in higher skill-level (Rookie-Beginner-Expert) the view distances are shortend more and more.

End of operations:
You have to stop the fleeing vehicle:

  1. You ram it. However, this is the simplest way. Disadvantage: you won't get any time bonus and you will get a penalty for the car-accident.
  2. You put pressure on the getaway vehicle. If you approach that vehicle at the side, your partner will try to shoot him into the tyres. You will hear at successful stop two shots.
  3. You permanently hunt the vehicle and the driver sometimes will build an accident. This could happen if a road sign, traffic lights, or a kiosk was in his way. The helicopter will transmit this text to you: "The fleeing car has caused an accident!". Then drive closely to the vehicle to complete the police operation and arrest the suspects. This could look that way:
  We are quite near to the hunted Audi. The compass needle is already blue; the remaining time is almost exhausted (1 minute 48 seconds left).

There he is, collision with a road sign! Now approaching only a little ...

Move your butts! If we need too long, he will escape again.


Mission accomplished and we collect our 250 points.

For every remaining minute you get 10 extra points as a time bonus provided that your vehicle doesn't had any accident with the escape vehicle.

End of the game:
The game will end if...

The at most theoretically obtainable score amounts to 6000 points.