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Screenshots Cockpit

irgendjemand mussten wir doch nehmen...


 Please click onto one of the pictures below (only version 2 shot):
Arrow Steer, Gas, Brake F, R Forward, Reverse ESC Menu and Help  
Ctrl, Alt Signalling Del View Back F7 1st/3rd-person view
Blank Interior-/ext. mirror End Fullbrake F8 Change
Shift+Ar. View left/right Backsp Horn L Headlights
You may use your keyboard, a joystick, or a steering wheel with pedals
Viewing left by pressing Shift+arrow-keys Cockpit with

- signals
- park-inidcator
- Speed
- Rpm
Viewing right by pressing Shift+arrow-keys
Interior mirror by pressing the spacebar Exterior mirror is important whesn turning left or moving off In London the exterior mirror is positioned at the right side
A "third person view" will be activated wehn pressing F7

View back with "Del"-key

The camera turns to all sides
Interior view to the back View back with "Del"-key ..and to the right