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Screenshots Gobesdorf / Chambival

irgendjemand mussten wir doch nehmen...


 Please click onto one of the pictures below (only version 2 shot):
Our first lesson: turning right on traffic lights Check your blind spots! Interior and exterior mirror are important when turning left or moving off
Afterwards we try to turn left Give way to oncoming traffic! Traffic sign or traffic light?

Two car turn left in parallel
Road works Elsewhere

Who has to give way?
Rightbefore left - still easy

Ooops - I should have to wait

Use the correct lane in a one-way street
Right before left: a big junction When is the red car allowed to drive ? I have to drive to the middle of the junction!
Driving at night with headlights Junctions become more complicated Who knows that man?
Roundabouts with new signalling rules Signal only when leaving the roundabout Navigate your car out of an underground car park.
You have to decide how the right of way is determined on junctions with flashing traffic lights. Always take care on pedestrians Always look round